Aboriginal Christian leaders began discussing leadership issues as early as 1962. Over the next eight years they worked hard to bring recognition to their leaders.

Its originator is God who laid the burden on the hearts of Aboriginal Christians in Australia to form such a fellowship.

It is God’s answer to the prayers of the pioneering missionaries who prayed such a thing would eventuate.

In January 1970, at a conference at Port Augusta South Australia, seventy delegates, mainly Aboriginal Christian leaders, representing Christian Missions and Denominations, decided it was time to unite their efforts into one national body.  It was here that the Aboriginal Evangelical Fellowship of Australia (AEF) was formed.

About Us

The AEF is a nationwide Christian fellowship mainly designed to encourage Aboriginal Christians in leadership, fellowship and responsibility.

Left to Right:  Lyle Browning, Wali Fejo, Cecil Grant, Cedric Jacobs, David Kirk, Sonny Graham, Jack Braeside, Ossie Cruse, Ben Mason, Denzil Humphries, Bill Bird, Ron Williams.

Council 1970 Statement of faith:

“To take the Gospel of Christ to all Australians”.

We believe in the unity of the Godhead, eternally existing in three persons, namely - The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These being same in substance and equal in power.

We believe in the full Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whom dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

The Bible as originally given is the Inspired Word of God and is our authority and standard.

Vision Statement: Vision Statement Constitution Corporate Plan